Apple Pay

Apple Pay Could Become A Billion Deal For Apple

The great success of Apple Pay, whose use is increasing year by year, will bring significant gains to Apple's coffers.

Apple Pay

The Financial Times has confirmed that Apple takes 0.15% on all Apple Pay transactions. This is income that banks pay to be able to be chosen and involved in the Apple payment system. Mobile payment systems such as Google, however, do not charge fees to banks.

given that in the U.S., it was not until 2018 that credit card transactions totaled $ 7 billion, and that Pay was around 5%, which means that Apple pocketed about $ 525 million in 12 months.

In 2025, transactions via Pay could represent 10% of the transactions, which would make more than one billion Apple dollars in one year.

All this considering only the United States and not the other countries where Apple Pay is active. Clearly, Apple has a service that asks only to bring him more year after year.