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Apple Pay available in Australia

Apple Pay - Apple Pay bientôt disponible en France

Apple Pay - Apple Pay bientôt disponible en France


Posted: November 18 2015
Updated: November 23, 2015

by Martin

Right after Canada (read: Apple Pay is available in Canada), Apple has made available to Australians its mobile payment service Apple Pay. To allow them to know everything about the arrival of Apple Pay in their country, the Cupertino company has updated its site dedicated to Australia by adding an information page accessible at this address.

Apple Pay - Apple Pay available in AustraliaAs for Canada, Apple Pay currently only supports American Express bank cards in Australia. However, unlike Canadians, many users in the land of kangaroos have VISA or Mastercard, which should make them unhappy.

They will probably have to wait a few months, until the Californian brand finds an agreement with local financial institutions. As a reminder, just use the application Wallet installed by default on iPhone with iOS 9.1 to add a bank card and pay with Apple Pay.