Apple Pay available at Crédit Agricole

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Posted: January 28 2020Updated: January 28, 2020

by Steve

The transaction service ofApple, Apple Pay, is now available to all customers of the Agricultural credit. The bank took its time, since it is one of the last in France to support this payment system. To benefit from it while being a Crédit Agricole customer, simply open the application Wallet on your iPhone, click on the “+” sign at the top right, then follow the instructions. No difference with cards from other banks.

apple pay - Apple Pay available at Crédit Agricole

No less than 21 million French people are affected by this announcement, or as many customers who are in this bank. As a reminder, Apple Pay, created as its name suggests by the apple brand, is a means of payment implemented by many merchants in France. These merchants only need to have an NFC payment terminal, which can therefore communicate with a contact with the smartphones that have it.

The limit of purchases is also not limited to 30 euros as with contactless payment. The latter is defined by the ceiling associated with your card. And we owe this “non-limitation” thanks to Touch ID and Face ID, Apple’s security system. Apple Pay can also be used with an Apple Watch, or via apps in the App Store or the web. In short, you no longer have an excuse for not wanting it.