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Apple patents the anti-slip AirPower!

But when will theAirPower ? It’s been a few years sinceApple announced its wireless charging station, supposedly capable of charging up to three devices. In its presentation video, Apple’s invention actually recharged AirPods, a iPhone and an Apple Watch. Except that in 2019, still no news from the station. An admission of failure, for Apple.

patent AirPower anti-slip - Apple patents the AirPower anti-slip!

But the project is not dead. As attested by this recently filed patent, which adds a non-slip part to the AirPower. The patent indeed advances the addition of a graduated frame which allows to create an exploded finish. This therefore means that devices placed on the AirPower cannot slide from the charging station.

Apple also notes in the patent that wireless charging mats are difficult to use when paired with glass devices, such as the iPhone. This could lead to a risk of slipping and falling for the devices iOS. The silicone was initially rejected because it would have poor aesthetic and tactile qualities according to Apple. It would also cause dust to build up on the surface. In other words, Apple is committed to offering a very high quality terminal. If you have to wait to get a station premium, then the audience will wait.