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Apple patents on-ear headphones with touch controls

Apple’s future on-ear headphones could include a new gesture-based touchscreen control system. In addition, it would be able to function regardless of the position of the cutters on the user's head.

on-ear headphones

For some time now, rumors have been circulating about a new Apple-Beats over-ear headset, equipped with advanced functions and superior sound quality. A new patent published these days gives us new clues to the possible new features of this helmet.

Almost all on-ear headphones on the market use physical buttons to allow the user to manage music playback, volume, voice assistant activation and other functions. Other headphones offer touch controls on the sides of the earbuds, but they are often difficult to use because there is no tactile feedback that lets the user understand which button is pressed at this time.

on-ear headphones

Apple’s solution is to use special sensors to determine the position of the headset relative to the user's head and ears. Once the headphones have identified the exact position of the ears, the system is able to orient the touch controls in order to best adapt them to the needs of the user.

In addition, the touch controls have a different touch feedback depending on the different functions that are active and managed. With these two solutions, Apple couteurs would allow users to get the most out of touch controls in any situation.