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Apple patents high-tech seats for its car

An Apple patent explains in detail what the high-tech seats of your own car could be.

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Even if the Apple Car is still far from being built (if it is one day), Apple continues to patent various technologies related to this project. The latest patent concerns high-tech seats fitted with special motors for height adjustment and more.

Apple explains that traditional seats tend to deteriorate over time also due to these continuous adjustments that gradually wear down the fabric that covers them. The fabric, including the leather, also wears out due to the constant friction of the driver exiting and entering the car.

To relieve this tension on the fabric, Apple offers a system of rollers that loosen or tighten the material to adapt to the movements of different elements of the seat.

An adaptive traction control system includes a cover torque and a motorized retractor used to release and retract the cover in response to control signals.

In this way, the seat would automatically adjust to avoid damaging the fabric. In addition, the patent indicates that these high-tech seats are equipped not only with a heating system, but also with fans capable of blowing cold air.