brevet iPhone plein écran

Apple patents full-screen iPhone, even back and edges

Apple has patented a new smartphone concept that shows an iPhone with a glass and notch surrounding the back and all sides of the device.

full-screen iPhone patent

With Motorola, Samsung and other competitors focusing on folding smartphones, Apple seems to want to take a different path, as confirmed by a new patent published a few days ago. Entitled "Electronic Device with Glass Enclosure", this patent shows an iPhone completely in glass on the front, back and sides. Concretely, the screen completely envelops the device. The user can use it to activate and display specific functions.

The patent explains that this device will be produced in a single sheet of glass, also back. The side screens would be used to display secondary information, such as weather forecasts, Wi-Fi signal level, etc. And even on the back, it would be possible to view other information.

If the patent is intended to be interesting, it remains a patent. Apple innovates on paper, but nothing says if such an iPhone will see the light of day. Several years may pass before this patent is partly put into practice. Apple could use only part of it for a future iPhone. For example, adding small notches around the edges to have tactile shortcuts. This is just an assumption based on Apple's proposal.