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Apple patents ambidextrous mouse for Mac

Apple patents ambidextrous mouse for Mac

Apple patents ambidextrous mouse for Mac – iPhone Soft

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphoneR&D has surpassed all records in the first fiscal quarter of 2018 at Apple, logical that there are many patents including this one which designates an ambidextrous mouse for Mac.

Here there is no question of customizing buttons, but an intelligent mouse which can suit a left-handed person, as well as a right-handed one. By turning it, the touch zones are reversed and anyone can use it.

mugshot mouse mouse apple

In addition to this technology, the future Magic Mouse 3 would also be able to adapt according to the user session with specific preferences depending on who is "logged".

Practice not?

PS : Magic Mouse 3 could include Force Touch to manage multiple levels of interaction.


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