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Apple patents a Magic Mouse capable of changing shape

Concept Magic Mouse

The next Magic Mouse could incorporate a technology allowing it to change shape according to user needs.

Magic Mouse concept

Those who work with the Mac for several hours a day know the need for a mouse to adjust their hand, to avoid fatigue or wrist problems. In addition, in some cases it may be useful to have mice of different sizes and designs for different activities.

In a new patent published in recent days, Apple offers the idea of ​​having a single mouse capable of adapting to the needs of the user. This mouse has in particular a case containing articulated elements, with an external surface in the upper part intended to position the palm of the user. An actuator contained inside the mouse connects the articulated element, pushing and pulling the mouse in different positions.

Magic Mouse patent

The curvature of this Magic Mouse and its height can be adjusted to suit the preferences of the user. In practice, this technology could make the mouse thinner, for example for easier transport. Other functions allow you to adjust the mouse in height, width and also the shape, at least for the upper part.

Actuation systems can take many forms, including scissor mechanisms, rotary motors with expandable accessories, multisegment actuators for larger control, and even magnet-based actuators.