Apple patent to control Mac with gestures

Apple patent to control Mac with gestures

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphoneApple obtained a new patent, this time to control a Mac. Taken up by PatentlyApple, this patent is signed by the creators of Microsoft Kinect, also the origin of the PrimeSense company bought by Apple in 2013 and the origin of Face ID (in part).

As on the iPhone X, the 3D sensor interprets the position and gestures of the user in order to interpret them and transcribe the actions on the screen. We imagine for example games, remote presentation control, playing a film, increasing the volume, etc.

Obviously, most patents never see the light of day, they are the start of a full-scale test before a possible integration or to counter a competitor who would like to get started. Still, it would be a real plus in specific cases where you do not want to get up to your Mac, right?

Here is the Mac remote control patent

mac patent command gestures