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Apple patent: the MacBook with a cellular chip is being talked about again


Posted: July 20 2016
Updated: July 20, 2016

by benjamin

Apple plans to equip its MacBook a cellular chip for a long time already (read: Patent: Apple is considering a MacBook with cellular connection), and it seems that it is not ready to abandon this project. Indeed, theUSPTO has just granted him a new patent on this subject.

The document in question describes in particular antennas which could not only support the connections Bluetooth and Wireless, but which would also make it possible to receive a cellular connection, a signal GPS or connections NFC. These antennas would also be placed at the hinges of the MacBook so that they are more practical and less visible.

patent apple macbook cellular chip - Apple patent: the MacBook with cellular chip is being talked about againWith such technology, it may therefore be possible in the future to connect directly through a network. 4G or why not make calls from your Mac. Besides, it could also be that the apple firm is shipping a Apple SIM to make it easier for users to choose their operators and plans.

We do not yet have exact information on the date on which Apple could use this new patent and integrate a cellular chip in its MacBook. However, recent corridor noises claim that this technology will be integrated from this year even with the arrival of the MacBook Pro Retina in 2016.