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Apple patent: AirPods with mini-screens and buttons?

Every day his patent. And this time, a most insane patent. Apple has in fact recently filed new schematics AirPods, all in all classic in appearance, but incredibly innovative: they would indeed have mini touch screens and very small buttons. A small revolution which will probably not take place, unfortunately.

airpods patent - Apple patent: AirPods with mini-screens and buttons?

As a reminder, the AirPods are wireless headphones that could not be more classic. Admittedly, they perfectly realize what they were designed for, but they do not offer particularly surprising features, especially for their price. We can still note that by tapping them twice, a feature can start (initiate the next song, pause, etc.). But hey, at 180 €, all that remains a little light.

Today, Apple may want to move up a gear: the apple brand has indeed asked to file a patent giving AirPods mini screens and buttons. Mini-screens, writing World is Small still looking for their usefulness: maybe to indicate the remaining battery level, who knows? The buttons, on the other hand, could be tied to a whole bunch of features, like volume control. And AirPods are sorely lacking in volume control. While waiting for this patent to succeed (or not, like many others), we will have to be satisfied with the AirPods 2, probably presented from the keynote of March 25.