Apple patent: a storage space for the Apple Pencil on the iPad

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TheCall Pencil is a rather practical accessory, which allows for example to sign documents on theiPad Pro without the need to print them. Its only flaw remains its portability, recent Apple tablets are not provided with a place to store the stylus. The Cupertino brand intends to solve the problem and is currently working on a solution. Last week, the United States patent office released an Apple document describing an Apple Pencil storage system with the iPad Pro.

apple patent storage apple pencil - Apple patent: a storage space for Apple Pencil on the iPadThe patent in question presents a loop placed on a Smart Cover protection or a Smart Keyboard. The device can be fixed in such a way that the stored Apple Pencil does not interfere with normal use of the tablet. As with the stylus from Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, a magnet system will secure the accessory.

For the time being, this storage system is only planned for the next apple shelves. However, the patent application mentions a correspondence with the brand’s smartphones. The Apple Pencil only works on the iPad Pro, but compatibility with the iPhone may be available soon.