Apple paid tribute to Steve Jobs

Apple paid tribute to Steve Jobs

Apple held a ceremony in tribute to Steve Jobs on its campus Wednesday morning. It was a time for meditation, speeches and memories.

Apple, Inc.

This Wednesday at 10 a.m. local time was held a ceremony on the Apple campus where employees were able to pay a final tribute to their former boss Steve Jobs, who died on October 5. On this occasion, the new CEO Tim Cook gave a long speech in memory of Steve Jobs and did not fail to tell some funny anecdotes lived with "his former colleague" on the Apple campus. For the moment, we will not know any more since this event was exclusively reserved for Apple employees and not the press. However, a few tweets from some employees indicated that a number of renowned artists such as Norah Jones and Coldplay were present to give their last tribute in their own way. Finally, Apple has nonetheless sent a photo to the press where Tim Cook can speak to Apple staff.

(Update 5 p.m.) Aerial view of the event obtained by the Cnet site:


During this ceremony, the employees of the Apple Store closed the doors of the shops for 3 hours in order to follow the ceremony broadcast by streaming through a device installed in their store.

At the Apple Store in Georgetown, Washington, large white curtains were drawn inside the store, just outside the window, to keep onlookers from seeing what was going on in the store. Only a white sign said: we will be closed Wednesday noon 3:00 p.m. . The same scenes took place in dozens of other stores in the United States, Canada, France, according to the websites specializing in the apple brand.

It is unclear whether all the stores in the world were affected, Apple having decided not to communicate about the Jobs tribute. This lack of communication has also irritated some customers who came to buy their iPhone 4S at the wrong time. those who showed up at the Georgetown store on Wednesday, an Apple official explained: We have been instructed to close. We don't know why. It’s good. I came to buy my iPhone 4S and they don't want to tell me why it's closed , AFP said Jane Johnson. If we had said that it was to pay tribute to Steve Jobs it would be different, I would not be in this state , she said.

An Apple Store employee located on the prestigious Fifth Avenue in New York told AFP on Tuesday that all Apple stores in the United States would be closed on Wednesday to allow employees to watch the memory of Steve Jobs' memory.


At the end of the ceremony, Apple Store employees began cleaning the windows filled with messages and thoughts written on sticky notes stuck en masse on the various windows of the apple signs. A page turns…

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(Source: AFP. With Belgium-iPhone)