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Apple paid record compensation to shareholders


Posted: February 21, 2019
Updated: February 20, 2019

by Steve

If you are shareholders, bet on Apple ! Companies around the world paid record dividends to its investors in 2018. And by record dividends, we are talking about considerable amounts. In total, according to a study by Janus Henderson, a portfolio manager, the dividends would have reached 1370… BILLION dollars. Colossal. The increase in 2018 would therefore have been 9.3% internationally, and 2019 promises to be even better with growth of 3.3%.

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As a reminder, a dividend is compensation paid by a company to its shareholders. These shareholders remain the owners of their shares even after the payment of the money. Among these companies that pay its investors well: Apple. The Cupertino company has indeed paid $ 13.78 billion to its various shareholders. Over one year, she went from fourth to second place in the ranking, ahead Microsoft and Exxon, but behind Royal dutch.

The Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index, or JHGDI, is an international study that calculates and analyzes the dividends paid. The index measures their evolution year after year. The value of the shares is calculated in dollars and each sector and industry is entitled to its own analysis. In other words, if you are a shareholder, do not hesitate to invest in the Californian firm which, despite declining sales results, pays without problem those who believe in it.