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Apple OS: a futuristic concept for the 2020 version of macOS


Posted: January 9 2018
Updated: January 9, 2018

by benjamin

MacOS is the operating system on the latest Apple computers. Over the years, different versions have offered new features. Despite additional options, the OS has changed little in terms of design.

Apple’s operating system has existed since March 2001. In more than fifteen years of existence, it has known several names. The apple brand first launched it with the name of Mac OS X. The program subsequently became OS X in 2012 and definitively adopted the name macOS in 2016.

The name of the Apple brand operating system has undergone several changes, but the same cannot be said for its appearance. The current design of the program is very much inspired by that of the OS X Yosemite. A version that Apple unveiled in 2014.

The designer Aurélien Salomon thus imagined a macOS with a new design in his latest concept. The Canadian indicates that the operating system presented in a video shared on his YouTube channel is the version of macOS for 2020. The name of the program would also change to Apple OS. The images show the futuristic version of macOS displayed on a MacBook using the design of the iPhone X, namely fairly thin borders.