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Apple ordered to pay 19 billion dollars to Ireland

Apple logo dollars - Apple : nouveau chiffre d

Apple logo dollars - Apple : nouveau chiffre d


Posted: Aug 30 2016
Updated: August 30, 2016

by Nicolas

Because of some of his tax practices, Apple today owes the astronomical sum of $ 19 billion to the Irish taxman. Even if Apple is one of the richest companies in the world, it takes care to seek advantageous taxation in order to reduce its operational costs and increase its profit. Not surprisingly, it could harm him.

Indeed, the European Commission has studied at length the tax practices of the Cupertino company. It is the installation of its headquarters in Ireland then the transfer of income to Luxembourg and other tax havens which are in the crosshairs of the European Commission. For Ireland, it is the tax rate granted to Apple of 2% which would be considered as State aid, which is not regulatory at European level, since other companies established in Ireland do not do not benefit from it.

Apple dollars logo - Apple ordered to pay Ireland $ 19 billionThe fine was estimated at the start of the year by the firm JPMorgan at $ 1 billion, but the worst-case scenario raised the fine to $ 19 billion. Certainly, Apple has huge financial resources, but it will still be felt in the results. In addition, such a conviction will somewhat tarnish its brand image.

This investigation, which started in 2014, has not yet concluded. Indeed, the Cupertino company quickly appealed, and the final decision should arrive in the coming weeks: “Apple follows the laws and pays full taxes wherever it operates. We will appeal and are confident that the decision will be overturned”.