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Apple officially explains the purple halo effect of the iPhone 5

Apple officially explains the purple halo effect of the iPhone 5

In a note published on its site, Apple explains that the purple halo effect that can appear when taking a photo with the iPhone 5 is a normal phenomenon. The American firm gives "tips" to avoid it …

Each iPhone model is entitled to its share of criticism when launched. The iPhone 5 is no exception to the rule. Indeed, some users of the new Apple smartphone have noticed that a purple halo effect could appear when taking photos. Questioning this phenomenon, a reader of the site Gizmodo indicated Recently contacted Apple technical support for this. The latter replied that this is normal behavior and that he recommended moving the smartphone when the problem occurs, especially outside the bright light. Today, Apple wanted to clarify the situation on this subject. In a note published on the "After-sales service" space of its site, the firm Explain that "most photo sensors, including each generation of iPhone, can present some kind of light artifact at the edge of the image when it captures a light source right at the edge of the frame". A situation that can occur "when a light source is positioned at an angle such that it causes reflection inside the photographic module and the sensor". To remedy this, Apple recommends moving the camera slightly to change this angle, or by protecting the sensor with your hand.

A phenomenon that can therefore be found in most cameras, including DSLRs, where the use of a sun visor can be a good solution.

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