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Apple offers unlimited sick leave in the United States

Coronavirus - Apple Store US

The new measures adopted by Apple include the suspension of Today at Apple sessions in several stores in the United States, but also unlimited sick leave for employees with symptoms of coronavirus.

Coronavirus - Apple Store US

After adopting similar solutions in France, Italy, South Korea and China, Apple has canceled all upcoming Today sessions at Apple San Francisco and the Seattle area to counter the advance of the coronavirus.

The sessions were canceled in five of the six Apple Stores in Washington and in all stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. By going to the respective websites of different stores, you cannot book new Today at Apple sessions for the next few days. Among the cities of the United States, San Francisco and Seattle were the most affected by the coronavirus. There are currently 500 confirmed cases in the United States and 22 deaths.

In addition, Apple offers unlimited sick leave for all employees who show symptoms of the virus. In practice, employees suffering from vocative symptoms of the coronavirus can be granted leave without providing sick leave. At this time, it is unclear whether this corporate policy is only active in the United States or the rest of the world.

In any case, keeping employees out of the office with these two leaves and with the recommendation to work from home for those who are well should avoid contagion among Apple employees.

For now, all American Apple Stores will remain open.