Apple offers developer accounts to nonprofits

As of today, Apple has been offering free developer accounts to nonprofits. This concerns 13 countries including France, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Israel, Mexico and South Korea.


The free Dev account can be requested by non-profit organizations, accredited educational institutions and government agencies that intend to distribute only free applications on the App Store. At the same time, the firm also released the new open source package “Swift Crypto”.

Apple will review each request and contact stakeholders to let you know if the free account request has been accepted. Remember that the cost of a standard account is 99 per year.

The company also announced a new open-source package called “Swift Crypto”. This brings all the associated Swift APIs. It allows Swift developers to access APIs for a set of cryptographic operations regardless of the platform they are deployed on.

This new library offers a cross-platform solution for using the CryptoKit API. This means that on all platforms supported by Swift, it is now possible to write the import Crypto command to get all the CryptoKit APIs.

On Apple platforms, Swift Crypto will directly reference CryptoKit. However, a new implementation based on BoringSSL will be used on other platforms. This gives Swift users simple access to secure, easy-to-use cryptographic APIs on all platforms.

Find more information at this address.