Apple obtains a fitness application patent

Apple obtains a fitness application patent

Apple won its case for a patent filed in 2010 relating to a Fitness application. Supposes to motivate, inform and help budding athletes, this application will therefore have legal protection, if at least it eventually sees the light of day …

Difficult to see exactly what Apple has in mind with this patent on a fitness app. According to the explanations which flow from it, the application would make it possible to give a follow-up to the exercise sessions, to renew its subscription, to obtain information on the center, the sessions and to find “Gym buddies”, people who accompany you the room and help you motivate yourself. In addition, the photo above also highlights the possibility of obtaining coupons and creating playlists for the gym. Full of very good ideas therefore, which would have the potential to create “the best application of its kind”, existing apps being generally much more limited.

In addition to this patent, Apple has also been granted three other patents, with the design of the icon for the Youtube application, the Photo Booth application and its way of working and finally the design of the battery charger for the Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard. The whole thing was granted by the American patent organization.

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Source: PatentlyApple