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Apple now sells refurbished iPhones on its site


Posted: February 6 2019
Updated: February 6, 2019

by Steve

No more scouring the net looking for cheap iPhone! Apple has just set up a section specially dedicated to refurbished iPhones on its official French website. Now, they are enthroned alongside the Macbook, iPod and other Apple Watch of the apple brand. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Cupertino firm’s initiative dates back to some time ago. But in France, the official sale of this type of phone is completely new.

iPhone X reconditioned 1024x682 - Apple is now selling reconditioned iPhone on its site

In terms of prices, the French “refurb” offers in particular:

  • the refurbished iPhone 7 from 32 GB to € 449 instead of € 529
  • the iPhone 7 refurbished from 128 GB to 539 € instead of 637 €
  • the iPhone 7 refurbished from 256 GB to € 629
  • the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus from 128 GB to € 649 instead of € 767
  • the iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB at 679 € instead of 795 €
  • the 256 GB iPhone 8 Plus at 829 € instead of 967 €
  • the iPhone X 64 GB at 879 €
  • the 256 GB iPhone X at 1029 €

These refurbished iPhones take advantage of a completely new battery and outer shell, but also of all the accessories supplied to new iPhones. Apple also provides a one-year warranty, which allows a return within 14 days from the date of receipt.

Going through Apple to get a refurbished iPhone is undoubtedly the most advantageous of the solutions. Unlike many unlicensed shops, the Apple store certifies original parts fully compatible with smartphones from the Cupertino company.