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Apple no longer wants to sell iPhone 6 and iPhone SE in India


Posted: March 19 2019
Updated: March 18, 2019

by Steve

Apple, it’s too expensive ? Imagine what the Indian market says when it sees a iPhone in one Apple Store. And yet, the apple brand, which already has premium status worldwide, is seeking to further move upmarket in this country, which is far from our financial standards. The Cupertino company has therefore decided to withdraw the iPhone 6 and the iPhone SE from sale, even if it means selling even fewer phones.

The site Economic Times claims that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will soon disappear from the Indian shelves. However, it was thanks to him that Apple ensured a minimum number of sales, since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were sold at a starting price of 24,900 rupees (268 euros) and the iPhone SE at a tariff of 21,000 rupees (268 euros).

iPhone 6 India 1 - Apple no longer wants to sell iPhone 6 and iPhone SE in India

The cheapest iPhone will therefore now remain the iPhone 6s, whose base price is 29,900 rupees (381 euros). By increasing the average price of the iPhone in India, Apple is therefore seeking to consolidate its “premium”, even luxury, brand image. Let’s not forget that Apple’s market share is very, very low in India: only 1%.

This decision to remove the cheapest iPhone is accompanied by a desire to no longer collaborate with shops that are less than 37 square meters and that sell less than 35 phones each month. The apple brand prefers to create Apple Authorized Reseller (APR), which are more than 45 square meters. An entire program.