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Apple News +: some media say they earn far less money than expected


Posted: June 30 2019
Updated: July 1, 2019

by Steve

At the announcement ofApple News +, many shouted with genius: the integration of various American media into the service, with 3D infographics and designs specific to each magazine and newspaper was more than promising, and pushed everyone to read these so-called media. Especially since the price, $ 9.99, was a real call from the foot on the part of Apple, who said he wanted to promote the life and prosperity of the written press. Yes, but… According to an article by Business Insider, the media is not so happy with Apple News +, because they would earn far less money than they had been promised.

Most of the editors interviewed were even rather surprised at the shortfall and the low income earned. One of the media indicates in particular to earn only one twentieth of what Apple had promised him. Others claim to earn as much as with Texture, a service bought by Apple and very similar to Apple News +. Fairly low earnings, due to its low reputation.

These criticisms are added to those of many users, who consider the application unclear, the lack of certain articles despite the media’s membership of Apple News +, etc. etc. If Apple undoubtedly works on all these questions, this does not prevent the apple brand will have to pamper its media partners to convince them to stay: after all, it is they who make the salt of Apple.