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Apple News +: some media partners in rage against Apple


Posted: April 17, 2019
Updated: April 16, 2019

by Steve

The media service ofApple, announced on March 25 at a keynote event, is not unanimous. On the one hand, because it is only available across the Atlantic, preventing us, poor French people, from not having it. On the other hand, because it would not pay enough media groups: of the total subscription to $ 10, $ 5 would go to Apple while the rest would be shared between the media of the platform. In other words, they would only earn a junk, even though the price of their subscription is higher than the price ofApple News +.

apple news on iphone - Apple News +: some media partners in rage against Apple

The famous site Digiday is making new revelations today. The manufacturer with the apple had indeed promised to release funds to help certain media partners to integrate correctly, at the level of the design, their newspapers and magazines in Apple News +. It is in particular for this reason that they have a special, “emergency” email address to contact Apple.

And yet, the Cupertino brand has decided to segment the media even more since some would be entitled to preferential treatment, with a secret Slack conversion on which only a few of them would communicate! Only big media, needless to say. Small press groups are neglected. One more case for Apple…