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Apple News: Big difficulties to pay the media


Posted: February 26 2019
Updated: February 25, 2019

by Steve

Apple News, available in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, is struggling to compensate its partners. As you probably already know, Apple’s application lists, via a specific algorithm, information from many media. This allows these so-called media to garner a lot of traffic. The apple brand service is said to have no less than 90 million unique users each month, including 20 outside the United States.

apple news - Apple News: major difficulties in paying the media

Visits having increased significantly since last year, some publications of the application even brings more than the publications Facebook. An incredible number of visits which, however, brings almost no money to the media. ” I respect Apple and the fact that they believe in privacy. It just makes it incredibly difficult to sell [de la pub dans Apple News] Explains one of these actors to Digiday. In other words, Apple News, due to the nativity of its application, prevents the media from setting their own advertising rules.

An incompatibility with so-called programmatic advertising (the sale of advertisements in an automated manner) which disturbs many media. Others also complain that they cannot use IP addresses or data from third parties to specifically target readers, and then send them ads. Apple News should soon offer a paid subscription, which would give its critics even more room to grind if the salary does not follow.