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Apple News +: Apple violates rules it imposes on other developers


Posted: March 29 2019
Updated: March 29, 2019

by Steve

The March 25 keynote was full of announcements. Apple News +, a platform that gives access to three hundred newspapers and magazines in exchange for a subscription of $ 9.99 per month. A derisory price which caused controversy with the media: Apple would indeed take 50% commission on this rate, the rest would be shared between the many publishers. And the apple brand is going to face new controversy.

According to Dave DeLong, a developer who worked for Apple for seven years, the Cupertino company would not abide by its own rules with Apple News +. He pointed out to Apple, via a screenshot of the page dedicated to the automatic renewal of the subscription, that the company would violate rule 3.1.2 of the App Store. The latter states that the Apple page should display a link to the privacy policy, or to a support page. The page should also indicate the procedure for canceling the subscription.

Another problem, according to Dave DeLong: in Apple News +, it is possible to “try for free” the service with ease: one click and it’s done. However, developers do not have the right to offer a trial period so simply: they must display the total price of a subscription according to its duration. Apple does not indicate here the duration of the test, nor the price that will ensue thereafter.

I am honestly surprised that there has been no public lawsuit against Apple Writes Dave DeLong. Apple will have to react quickly.

apple news on iphone - Apple News +: Apple does not respect the rules it imposes on other developers