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Apple News, a special section devoted to American elections

Apple News has launched a special section to cover the 2020 presidential election, with the aim of only displaying reliable sources of information and avoiding fake news.

Apple News

The 59th Presidential Election in the History of the United States will be held on November 3, 2020. An event of fundamental importance to the country and to the world. The last election, Donald Trump’s victory, was at the center of much controversy over the spread of false information about various social networks that would have helped the current president win the presidential election.

For its part, Facebook & co. have taken steps to prevent the spread of fake news during the elections. Apple will also try to do the same with the News platform.

The section will include not only information from reliable sources, but also a guide to candidates and proposals, real-time results, live broadcast of debates and other special content.

Apple has presented this new section in detail on News:

Apple today introduced special coverage for the 2020 US presidential election, hosted by Apple News and including reliable news, information and data from dozens of news sources. Apple News 2020 coverage is the most comprehensive resource available, with reports and analysis from ABC News, CBS News, CNN, FiveThirtyEight, Fox News, NBC News, ProPublica, Reuters, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, TIME, USA Today and others.

Content will include guides, special reports, real-time election results, trend information from many sources and much more from all political angles.