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Apple: new video for the 30th anniversary of the Mac

Apple video 30 ans Mac - Apple : nouvelle vidéo pour les 30 ans du Mac

Apple video 30 ans Mac - Apple : nouvelle vidéo pour les 30 ans du Mac


Posted: February 3 2014Updated: February 3, 2014

by Maxime

Apple did not make an announcement during the Super Bowl 2014 as some had suggested, but after the match with a video designed to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary (read: Apple: the Mac is celebrating its 30th anniversary!).

The ad, which lasts a little over a minute, was shot only with iPhone during a 24-hour period, by 15 film crews. This was then edited on a Mac in Los Angeles, allowing the team to strip more than 70 hours of video giving what you can watch below.

Apple video 30 years Mac - Apple: new video for 30 years of the MacThe goal ? Show what it is possible to achieve in a day with an iPhone, which would take months and thousands of dollars to create otherwise. This video also shows several people working on creative ideas with Apple products, such as the construction of fully articulated robotic prosthesis controlled by a iPod Touch, or a symphonic show analyzed and controlled using a iMac.

The advertising spot was edited by Hollywood editor Angus Wall, who notably worked on Fight Club and The Social Network. Lee Clow, Apple’s advertising manager, also participated in the work as creative director. Apple was therefore unable to have an announcement at the Super Bowl this year, but this post-match niche is certainly more in line with the vision of the original company.