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Apple: new flexible iPhone patent

iPhone flexible brevet 1 - Apple : nouveau brevet d

iPhone flexible brevet 1 - Apple : nouveau brevet d


Posted: January 7 2015
Updated: January 7, 2015

by Mehdi

Apple recently filed a rather interesting patent with theUSPTO, the US patent agency. In this one, the Apple models a flexible iphone in the true sense of the term, since it can be bent in any direction.

Flexible iPhone patent 1 - Apple: new flexible iPhone patentAlthough it is unlikely that the Cupertino company will ever offer a smartphone of this type, this patent can be used to improve its resistance. If future iPhones gain in flexibility, they will no longer deform (read: Is the iPhone 6 Plus really easy to fold?) And the components will be less sensitive to shocks.

It therefore remains fairly plausible that Apple decides to barter thealuminum current of its phones against a more flexible material such as the silicone. Of course, the Californian finish will always be there. However, the subject can be controversial: would a more resistant iPhone made of silicone be as successful as a more fragile iPhone made of aluminum?