Apple Music & Spotify: Drake’s “More Life” album breaks records

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Posted: March 23, 2017
Updated: March 29, 2017

by benjamin

On the day of its release, the new album by Drake, More Life, set a new record on Spotify with 61.3 million streams. On the side ofApple Music, the album reached 89.9 million plays, almost 47% more than the Swedish platform.

This feat is remarkable for Apple knowing that its music application has just over 20 million paying subscribers. In Spotify, we claim more than 100 million users of which 50 million are paying.

album drake more life 1024x1024 - Apple Music & Spotify: the album However, the number of subscribers to the Swedish streaming service is the subject of some controversy. Indeed, the Stockholm platform is inflating its figures according to certain rumors. The number of streaming listenings reported by the two services is thus the first public metric directly comparing the actual use of each platform.

Drake maintains a close collaboration with the Cupertino firm, notably thanks to the signing of several exclusivity contracts before the availability of Apple’s online streaming service. According to The Verge, this proximity to the American rapper is the main factor in this resounding success of Apple Music.