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Apple Music removes “pro-democracy” songs from its Chinese store


Posted: April 12, 2019
Updated: April 11, 2019

by Steve

Apple Despite being a free and American company, it is nonetheless subject to market demands. Used to making curves in China, the apple brand has once again decided to value money rather than values. The Cupertino company has indeed done everything to enter the good graces of the Chinese government by deleting two songs from the local Apple Music. A decision that can resemble a high betrayal of the causes that the Californian company defends.

Jacky Cheung - Apple Music Removes “Pro-Democracy” Songs From Its Chinese Store

Jacky cheung

Apple has indeed removed the song Ren Jia Dao, translated into English as ” Path of man“, By the very popular artist Jacky Cheung. The lyrics of the song indirectly refer to the massacre at Tiananmen Square, one of the greatest traumas in contemporary history. Path of Man is not new, however, and was released a long time ago: the title was written and composed for the soundtrack for the film A Chinese Ghost Story II, which was released in the country’s cinemas in 1990. By the way , the song has completely disappeared from the QQ Music service, which belongs to Tencent. Proof if it was one of the level of censorship.

But Apple didn’t stop there. The brand has also removed from Chinese Apple Music several artists considered “pro-democracy”, namely the Hong Kong singers Anthony Wong and Denise Ho. The complete discography of the latter has disappeared from Apple’s servers. Human Rights Watch denounced the new censorship.