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Apple Music: new artist illustrations for many playlists


Posted: March 12 2019
Updated: March 11, 2019

by Steve

It’s a great day for all users ofApple Music. The apple brand has indeed decided to recreate personalized jackets for many of the application’s playlists. Most of them were created by world renowned artists. Apple has therefore decided to modernize its streaming service to face competing giants: Spotify and Deezer.

apple music playlist covers - Apple Music: new artist illustrations for many playlists

The Cupertino company wants, through this change, to give a brand new personality to its subscription audio platform. Faced with competitors, this kind of illustration has nothing to do with it. On the contrary, even, because a certain charisma emerges from these drawings. Spotify has chosen to illustrate its playlists with smooth and simple images. Apple allows itself more freedom here.

The Californian company will first update its most popular playlists, to extend the new illustrations to all playlists. Rachel Newman, Apple’s Global Editorial Director, wants to allow the firm to “ connect more directly to the communities and culture for which the playlists were designed ” He also said that a lot of new things are coming and that “ thousands of playlists Will be redefined. A big wind of change for Apple!