Apple Music

Apple Music is finally compatible with Google Assistant speakers

All devices with Google Assistant now support Apple Music. The 70 million titles available on the streaming service can thus be played on Nest Audio speakers or even Nest Hub. To activate it, just use voice control, as with any other feature.

Apple Music

“Get ready to dance”. Google announced that it is now possible to “Ask Google Assistant, on Google Nest or any smart speaker with Google Assistant to stream all the music you love to Apple Music”. While the streaming service of the Cupertino company has already been present on Android for a while, devices equipped with the voice assistant were still missing. The 70 million tracks listening on the platform are therefore added to those of Spotify and Youtube Music.

For now, only the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan will benefit from this addition to their speakers. The 162 other countries in which Apple Music is available will apparently have to wait a little longer. Google has not explained this choice, but we imagine that the company wants to test the service first before deploying it around the world. From our side, the functionality is therefore available from today.

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Apple Music joins other streaming platforms on Google Assistant

As for its use, it does not change in any way to those of other streaming services. “Hey Google, play the Rap Life playlist ” is enough to launch the selected songs. It is however necessary to have beforehand connected his Apple Music account on the Google Home app to be able to listen to your favorite artists. You can also ask the speakers to play music from a particular album, mood, or genre.

In addition, depending on your installation, it is possible to “move” the music from one device to another, thanks to the multi-room control system from Google Home. “Hey Google, play my music on all speakers” transform your home into a concert hall by turning on all your devices at the same time to play the chosen song. And for even more efficiency, you can also program your connected speakers to play your music at a specific time.

Source: Google