Apple Music has more monthly unique users than Spotify

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Apple Music may not have the highest number of paid subscribers, but it does have a distinct advantage over its main competitor, Spotify. Indeed, Apple’s streaming service today has a higher number ofmonthly unique users on mobile supports.

According to a recent report the research firm of mobile platforms Verto, Apple Music had 40.7 million unique mobile users in February. For information, the analysis office only tracks the use of the Apple brand streaming service on mobile devices. The number of unique monthly users could thus be higher.

streaming mars 2017 apple music spotify pandora 1024x560 - Apple Music has more unique monthly users than SpotifyClick on the image to enlarge

In competition, we do not do much better, and this, even when adding the uses on mobiles and computers. Also in February 2017, Pandora had 32.6 million monthly unique users, Spotify 30.4 million, iHeartRadio 28.5 million, and SoundCloud 25.7 million.

Always according to Verto, which obtained its data from 20,000 users in the United Kingdom and the United States, Apple Music was able to exceed 40 million unique monthly users thanks to its free trial period of 3 months. This would greatly encourage the public to turn to the Cupertino platform. At Spotify for example, we only offer one month free trial.