Apple Music: already 15 million subscribers?

Apple Music 1024x499 - Apple Music : déjà 15 millions d


Posted: September 30 2015
Updated: October 12, 2015

by Martin

Last August, Apple’s senior vice president of internet software and services Eddy cue had revealed to the site USA Today thatApple Music had reached 11 million users after just five weeks after its launch (read: Apple Music: Eddy Cue talks about 11 million subscribers).

Apple Music 1024x499 - Apple Music: already 15 million subscribers?In a report posted a few days ago by the New york post, we learn that the music streaming service of the Cupertino company already has no less than 15 million users. The site cites anonymous sources close to the industry.

In addition, the NYP ensures that about half of these subscribers have not manually disabled automatic payment for Apple Music after the 3 month free period. If these 7.5 million people move from a free account to a paid account, the Californian company can therefore boast of having a third of Spotify users. The company created in 2011 has 20 million premium subscribers worldwide.