Apple moves away from the "pre" of iOS

Apple moves away from the "pre" of iOS

Apple announced on Monday a management reshuffle. On the menu, the departure of the “father” of the iOS, Scott Forstall but also of the recent recruit, John Browett, in charge of “retail” but also promotions and new responsibilities for “the oldest” in the house.


“Scott Forstall will leave Apple next year and advise CEO Tim Cook by then”, said the group in a press release. He previously held the position of vice president in charge of iOS, the operating system that runs the iPad and iPhone, but whose latest version, iOS 6, was criticized because it replaced the Google competitor's Maps application by a “home-made” system which has been the subject of many criticisms in recent weeks. The specialized site points out that his departure is a major change, given the key role he has played in Apple's success in recent years.


Regarding John Browett, Ron Johnson's successor, the latter seems not to have convinced Apple's management since he had taken office only eight months ago. Recall that in August, "the new recruit" from Cupertino already stood out continuation of the problems of reorganization of the personnel and their schedule in the Apple Stores. Faced with controversy, Browett explained that his experiment had ended in failure. Making these changes was a mistake, he admitted. An awkwardness that Apple would have done well in terms of communication. So it could be that Browett may have been pushed to the exit. Apple says it is looking for a replacement and says that in the meantime, the teams will report directly to Tim Cook.

Jony Ive DR

In its press release, Apple also announces that Jony Ive, Craig Federighi, Bob Mansfield and Eddy Cue Jony Ive, Craig Federighi, Bob Mansfield and Eddy Cue are taking on new responsibilities. The first, Jony Ive, known for being the famous designer at Apple, will also now take care of the user interface.

Craig Federighi DR

Craig Federighi, OS X development manager, will also take the lead in iOS development. He becomes the replacement for the Scott Forstall, in short. Recall that Federighi was recently promoted to the position of Senior Vice President.

Eddy Cue DR

For his part, Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Software and Services at Apple (iTunes, iTunes Store, App Store, iBookStore and iCloud), will help Craig Federighi by taking care of the sensitive points of iOS, namely Siri and Plans. Eddy Cue is already known to have actively participated in the recovery of MobileMe which has become iCloud.

Bob Mansfield DR

When he was about to retire, Apple’s “hardware” man Bob Mansfield took on new responsibilities by taking on a new business called Technologies. This new segment of Apple’s “labs” is taking over the research and development teams around wireless and semiconductor technologies.

Improve synergies and collaboration


In its press release, Apple explains that it has opted for this reshuffle in order to improve synergies and collaboration between the different divisions of Cupertino. There is no doubt that these changes confirm that the old organization was not optimal and that certain misgivings and jealousy apparently led Tim Cook to act to tighten the links between the different teams. A major reorganization therefore in the direction of Apple which might not have been possible to implement under the era of Steve Jobs.

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