Apple: Merging iOS & OS X Would Be “Waste of Energy”

Fusion iOS OS X Apple - Apple : une fusion d


Posted: January 27 2014
Updated: January 27, 2014

by Youssouf

In an interview with Macworld, executives ofApple Phil Schiller, Bud Tribble and Craig Federighi said the company did not intend to merge iOS and OS X as evoked by certain rumors finding it natural that this rapprochement between the two operating systems in the future.

IOS OS X Apple Merger - Apple: Merging iOS & OS X Would Be According to Schiller, vice president of international marketing at Apple, this would be a ” wasted energy », And the company does not even think about it. Federighi added that the apple company will not merge iOS and OS X “for reasons of convergence“. He said the goal of Apple is to provide customers with a pleasant experience when switching from one type of device to another.

You wouldn’t want the Mac to downgrade because someone tried to turn it into iOS … and at the same time, you wouldn’t like to feel like iOS was designed by a company, and Mac by another, and that they are different for reasons of difference of vision. Added Federighi.