Apple may soon release a new Mac Pro

Apple may soon release a new Mac Pro

The Californian firm may well reserve a little surprise for us at its developers conference next month. In reality, it could lift the veil on several new features, including iOS 13, but also a completely new Mac Pro completely redesigned.

If the WWDC developers conference is mainly reserved for announcements concerning software including the new major update iOS -, Apple could present a new hardware and more precisely, a new Mac Pro.

Apple has been working for two years to rethink and redesign this range of computers, which means that fans are impatient. given its very professional orientation, the new Mac Pro could be present to developers and therefore professionals – at the WWDC conference.

It would be unusual for the Cupertino company to present hardware at this software-oriented conference, but if this is the case, Apple could also unveil its brand new external monitor developed by it, as the Bloomberg firm. The American site describes a new 6K screen supporting HDR and with a diagonal of 31.6 inches.

Beyond the information gathered by Bloomberg from people close to the file, no other source predicts that Apple would be on the verge of presenting its much awaited new Mac Pro. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the WWDC conference to be sure. See you next June 3.