Apple may soon lower the price of its MacBookAir

Apple may soon lower the price of its MacBookAir

At Apple, each customer matched a range of computers.A stratification that was done as much on the components as on the price, but for some models already, the gap seems to be narrowing with regard to the price.A point that does not please Apple customers.

This is particularly the case withMacBookAir which were presented as the more affordable range of laptops from Apple – apart from the Mini -, unlike the Pro version which, it was intended for an easier clientele for professional use.But for several years, the distinction has been greatly reduced in terms of price, representing only a few hundred euros in difference.

An observation that the CEO himself would have noticed.Tim Cook is said to have raised the issue with some investors at a large meeting.An interview during which the CEO would have affirmed his desire to lower the price ofMacBookAir 1,200 dollars, 99 dollars less than the basic version of the last model at the time of its launch.

A small reduction, certainly, which represents a certain price for certain, but it could be a first step for the Apple and thus review its strategy with itsMacBookAir.The Californian firm could either effectively lower prices or offer components to match the amount requested.

It would not be the first time that Apple has tried to play on the prices of its products to push customers to buy.Following the drop in sales of its iPhone, the firm used promotions and extended offers to try to seduce the public.

The nextkeynoteshould tell us about Apple’s new strategy on this.Hoping that the company will return to a formula with a good quality / price ratio forMacBookAir, around 1000 dollars.