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Apple may drop 3D Touch on 2019 iPhones

Apple may drop 3D Touch on 2019 iPhones

Apple may drop 3D Touch on 2019 iPhones

apple iphone 3d touch notes 1000x667 Apple could abandon 3D Touch on 2019 iPhonesThe 3D Touch function had first appeared on the iPhone 6s unveiled in 2015. But, according to analysts at Barclays bank, Apple is now suspected of abandoning the 3D Touch on the iPhone of 2019.

Earlier in the year, the famous and respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo declared that 3D Touch would not be part of one of the characteristics of the iPhone LCD with a 6.1 inch screen (cf: iPhone LCD of 6.1 inch with notch, Face ID and new design in 2018), supposed to be released this year at the same time as an iPhone OLED with a 5.8 inch screen and an iPhone OLED with a 6.5 inch screen.

The 3D Touch function may not be used by many users, but the reason why Apple would remove this functionality is not yet clear. However, we remember that iOS 11 allowed iPhone without 3D Touch to perform tasks that only iPhone with 3D Touch could perform; such as increasing the lighting power of the flashlight by tapping and holding the flash icon in the control center (and other actions on iOS 12 currently in beta). We also remember the voluntary abandonment of the 3D Touch gesture to switch between 2 applications and access multitasking on iOS 11.

However, removing the 3D Touch functionality would certainly save Apple a little more money and also make the screen thinner; the material used to offer the 3D Touch taking up space.

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