Apple: Macbook Pro and 12-inch Macbook Air coming soon

macbook air - Apple : MacBook Air 12 pouces cet été, iPad Pro reporté


Posted: March 24 2014
Updated: March 24, 2014

by Maxime

Apple is likely to launch a new version of its Macbook Air and his Macbook Pro soon, with a screen 12 inch eliminating certain material elements which are not essential.

Indeed, a post on the forum of the Chinese site Weiphone published last Friday revealed many details on the plans of the brand with the apple concerning its future generation of Macbook. According to the author, future Apple computers would benefit from a 12-inch screen and dispense with the existing fan.

macbook air - Apple: Macbook Pro and 12-inch Macbook Air coming soonIn addition, MacRumors, which first announced this rumor, added that the new Macbook Air will arrive before the Macbook Pro, the latter being scheduled for September. We also learn that a watch iWatch exists but is still in the prototype state.

In addition, the new models could also have a multitouch trackpad without any physical buttons. Finally, according to AppleInsider, Apple could use a recent patent replacing the click of the button with force and optical sensors.