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Apple: Mac sales down in second quarter 2016


Posted: July 12 2016
Updated: July 12, 2016

by benjamin

The Cupertino firm’s devices seem to be attracting fewer and fewer buyers in recent months. After the publication of quarterly results revealing a significant drop in iPhone sales (read: Apple: drop in iPhone sales, a first since 2007), Mac also experience the same fate.

IDC has just released its report on global computer sales for Q2 this year. Apparently, Apple is struggling for sales of its Macs. Indeed, compared to the second quarter of last year, its market share decreased by 0.3% (4.8 million units sold in Q2 2015 against 4.4 million this year).

apple mac sales decline second quarter 2016 - Apple: Mac sales decline in second quarter 2016Not surprisingly, such a drop is felt very well in its ranking. If the Californian giant was in fourth place in 2015, it now ranks in fifth place and is thus doubled by Asus. As usual, it’s still the brand Lenovo who holds the first position, and it is closely followed by HP (in second position) and Dell (in third position).

If Apple’s computers are in such bad shape right now, it’s probably because of the lack of new features they display. While most of the competing manufacturers regularly offer major changes in their products, the Macs remain outdated and seriously lack updates (read: What we know about the MacBook pro 2016)…