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Apple lawsuit: possibly bribed key witness accuses Qualcomm of theft


Posted: March 13 2019
Updated: March 12, 2019

by Steve

The trialApple in front of Qualcomm get carried away! As a reminder, the former supplier of modems for the apple brand is claiming $ 31 million from the latter. A nice little sum, yet more than minimal compared to the huge funds of the Cupertino company. Qualcomm accuses Apple of theft of three patents that were behind the integration of various technologies into iPhone.

Apple vs Qualcomm - Apple lawsuit: possibly bribed key witness accuses Qualcomm of theft

On the second day of the trial, Apple unexpectedly accused Qualcomm of actually stealing one of these patents by failing to credit Arjuna Siva, an ex-employee of the smartphone giant. Apple therefore kindly asked Mr. Siva to appear at the stand this week to present himself as a witness. Except that here, patatras, Qualcomm seems more cunning than we think: Arjuna Siva announced on Saturday that he will no longer appear at the bar.

The reason ? His change of lawyer. The latter had advised him not to appear any more. But Apple’s lawyer, Juanita Brooks, investigated and it turns out that this new representative is a partner of Quinn Emanuel, the law firm which defends Qualcomm! Thunderbolt. Apple therefore summoned Mr. Siva to appear at the bar, who explained to the judges that the patent was ” his idea ” The engineer should therefore have been declared co-inventor of the patent. Faced with accusations against Qualcomm of bribing the witness, the lawyer for this modem supplier got angry: ” I consider this a personal attack! ” Perhaps a true attack …