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Apple launches Safari Technology Preview 9


Posted: July 21, 2016
Updated: July 21, 2016

by benjamin

After the beta 8 released two weeks ago, Apple has just released the ninth experimental version of its new browser. Indeed, Safari Technology Preview 9 is now available for developers. As usual, the update comes with a few changes and fixes some bugs related to the previous version.

safari technology preview 1024x668 - Apple launches Safari Technology Preview 9For this new beta, the various changes concern above all accessibility, CSS / Javascript, the Web inspector, the network, the Web APIs as well as other little details that you can consult at this address. Of course, compared to version 8 or the current browser (Safari), this new version of the future browser of the firm with the apple benefits from better stability and greater performance.

Once again, we remind you that you can install it on your Mac even if you are not a developer. Safari Technology Preview does not in any way hamper the proper functioning of your current browser and can even operate in parallel with it. So, if you want to test its performance and install it on your computer, you can already download it by clicking here. However, if you already have the eighth version, you can simply update from the Mac App Store.