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Apple launches its first advertisement for the iPhone 7

iphone 7 blanc fond noir - Chine : des problèmes de réseau sur certains iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and its ?Plus? version were formalized on September 7 during the Apple keynote. However, it was only yesterday that the company decided to put its first advertisement online. Available on the Apple YouTube channel, the video lasts 33 seconds and highlights certain characteristics of these two new iPhone 7s.

iphone 7 white black background - Apple launches its first advertisement for the iPhone 7

To begin with, the Cupertino company touts the 5.5-inch model?s dual photo sensor by comparing it to the eyes of an owl that seems to be able to see through an entire forest. Water resistance is also clearly highlighted here since the advertisement shows the iPhone 7 subjected to a few drops of water. Finally, the presence of boxers in the video certainly alludes to the performances shown by these two devices signed Apple.

In addition, we also note that the apple brand particularly wishes to highlight the two new colors (matte black and jet black) of the iPhone 7 in advertising. Indeed, in all the sequences of the video, we see only one color and it is here black (in addition to white lights, of course).