Apple launches HomePod in Japan and Taiwan

Apple launches HomePod in Japan and Taiwan

Apple launches HomePod in Japan and Taiwan – iPhone Soft

homepod apple iconIt's D-Day for Japanese and Taiwanese. The HomePod is landing in these two countries, as promised by Apple last week. For memory, the Apple had first announced the arrival of the enclosure during the summer in July, without giving a date.

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The HomePod speaks Japanese

With Japan and the island of Tawan, Apple's HomePod is now available in 12 countries. It could be found in the United States, France, or Canada. A small number that is explained by the need to upgrade Siri in each language.

If sales are not extraordinary, Apple could also release a smaller and cheaper HomePod.

The arrival of iOS 13 will bring him new features such as the arrival of Handoff and many radio stations.


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