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Apple launches 10th release of Safari Technology Preview


Posted: August 6 2016
Updated: August 6, 2016

by benjamin

Earlier this week, Applea released the tenth release of Safari Technology Preview. As we reported to you here each time a new update is released, this is still only an experimental version of the browser that will soon be installed on Macs. It benefits from greater stability and also offers better performance. Also, for all those who wish to test Safari Technology Preview, we remind you that this beta version does not replace your current browser. On the contrary, it can operate at the same time as the latter and therefore allow you to take advantage of its new features.

apple launches 10th release safari technology preview - Apple launches 10th release of Safari Technology PreviewFor this tenth release, the apple company has made some improvements and fixed bugs at the same time. Among the various changes made, we can cite those made at the level of CSS / JavaScript, Web APIs, Web Inspector, network, accessibility and many more which you can consult at this address.

Finally, if you want to try the latest version of Safari Technology Preview, you can already download it by clicking here. However, if you already have the 9th release, it will be easier for you to upgrade by simply going to the Updates tab of the Mac App Store.