Apple Keynote: September 10 to discover the iPhone 11

Image 1 : Keynote Apple : rendez-vous le 10 septembre pour découvrir les iPhone 11

It’s official, the next Apple keynote will take place on September 10. The apple firm is expected to unveil its new iPhones and a few other products.

Image 1: Apple Keynote: September 10 to discover the iPhone 11

The Cupertino company has invited journalists from around the world at its back-to-school conference on September 10. The content of the program has not been officially announced but the iPhone 11 obviously should be the stars of the day.

Three new phones

It’s back to school at Apple. And like every year, September is the month of official presentations for the apple brand. On the 2019 keynote program, three new iPhones, maybe iPad Pro and finally the Apple Watch Series 5.

The conference will therefore be an opportunity to discover the successors to the Iphone XS Max, XS and XR. If the rumors are to be believed, the brand’s famous phones could lose their number and stick to the name ofiPhone or iPhone Pro. On the technical side, however, we don’t expect a big revolution. The main improvements of these new models should concern the camera. According to the latest leaks, two of the smartphones should carry a triple sensor camera, a first at Apple.

iPad and Apple Watch?

The keynote may also be an opportunity to discover new iPads. According to recent information revealed by a Japanese media, the next tablets of Apple could also be entitled to their three photo sensors. Apple risks making us wait until October, period during which the iPads.

Apple Watch Series 4 as for it had been unveiled during the 2018 keynote. We can therefore expect to have fifth range news of the connected watch. All as for the iPhone, no big news to report, except changes in housing materials.

The Apple 2019 keynote will take place on Tuesday September 10 at 7 p.m. French time.