Apple keeps old MacBook Air models in its catalog

Apple keeps old MacBook Air models in its catalog

Despite the arrival of a new model, Apple has apparently chosen to keep the old model in its product catalog.

The new model of MacBook Air, presented by the apple Tuesday, New York, has aroused great enthusiasm in the press.

However, Apple does not seem to have decided to release the old model, which is still showing the time to write these lines in the online catalog of the apple, at the price of 1.099.

A price that remains high for a configuration today completely exceeded since we find in the bowels of the MacBook Air a 5th generation i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD. The biggest flaw of the machine is its low resolution screen.

If the price of the model will probably drop quickly in second hand, needless to say that it is strongly advised to invest in this model, given the meager price difference with the new model and the standards differed, especially at the level screen, which passes the Retina definition on the 2018 tank.